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L.E.A.D. Program

Leadership, Empowerment, Achievement and Discovery (L.E.A.D.) Program

The Leadership, Empowerment, Achievement and Discovery Program (L.E.A.D) is a leadership development program.  This program is designed to develop leaders inside and outside of their organization, for learning, growth and personal development.  This program is designed to help the participants become better leaders in the workplace and in society after college.

learning outcomes: 


• Identification and understanding of one's own leadership style.

• The development of skills including critical thinking, moral and ethical development, networking, public speaking, presentation skills, and goal clarification.

• The understanding of group dynamics including conflict resolution, working with difficult people, diversity, teamwork and motivating others.

• Awareness of one's community (team/organization) and the role that each person plays within a community.



• Leadership abilities can be consciously developed. Anyone, regardless of formal position, can be a leader.
Leadership is a process that often takes place in a very competitive environment.

• Leadership involves doing a lot of little things well, which can lead to big things!

• Leadership involves serving others and often giving oneself up for the greater group.  Unselfishness is a characteristic of a good leader.


• An effective leadership development program must be offered in an •

environment that encourages and supports diversity.


• The most effective leadership development programs are hands-on and interactive.

learning outcomes: 

As a result of the program, participants will enhance their…

• Communication skills

• Decision-making and problem-solving skills

• Critical-thinking skills

• Collaborative skills

• Listening skills

• Understanding and appreciation for diversity

• Ability to think

• Planning and priority setting skills

• Understanding of and appreciation for the value of working with a group

• Courage in their willingness to be a leader

action outcomes 

As a result of this program, participants will…


• Build a long-lasting network of future leaders.

• Be willing to be leaders the rest of their lives.

Through this program, participants will become more effective leaders by…


• Becoming more self-aware and building on their talents.

• Exploring and practicing good leadership habits.

• Building a network with other leaders.

• Developing action plans to be better leaders on their teams and within their organizations.

• Committing to sharing experiences with others.

What you will receive: 

• Includes the complete 2 ½ hour in person workshop 

• DISC assessment booklet;

You can Live ordinary,

or you can Live extraordinary.


tim selgo



Dr. Arnold was a great was a terrific mentor to our students, especially the ones who needed it most. The L.E.A.D. program nurtured the student’s ability to discover their leadership ability. The team building exercises, personal assessment, and other drills helped them discover how they can best lead.

Program participents

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