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Dr. D.F. Arnold

Dr. D.F. Arnold has a passion for empowering others to excel and succeed. His personal story of struggle, grit and perseverance epitomize triumph and the American dream. Dr. D.F. Arnold is one of the countries most respected motivational speakers and educators. He is a highly sought-after coach (both corporately and in the private sector) and is considered to be a leader in the areas of personal and professional development.

Working with hundreds of teams, companies and organizations (and thousands of individuals) over the last ten years has given Dr. D.F. a unique insight into, and understanding of, human performance and all its variables. Dr. D.F. has an ability to educate, inspire, challenge and make you laugh all at the same time!



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 I have been working with Dr. Arnold for the last 12 years, and it has been one of the best mentoring, coaching experiences that I've ever had! His information on leadership, goal setting, planning, executing..etc., has been incredible. Damon is the best!