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Breaking The Matrix

Breaking The Matrix




WE ALL get 86,400 seconds each day, but what each person does with that time is significantly different. This DVD will teach you how to turn your past experiences into your future successes.


You can live in a world that you dream of, and you are more than capable of making your dreams become a reality. You can no longer believe the lie that you have been told time and time again; that lie that YOU are not enough because YOU are more than enough. You must understand that you don’t have to be perfect to get started, and after watching this DVD, YOU will no longer allow the constraints of perfection to paralyze YOU.


Failure won’t be an option—failing will happen, but this DVD will give you steps to continue working toward YOUR dreams. You will be encouraged to restructure your thinking because certain things won’t fit in your life anymore. You will also be inspired to create a vision for your life beyond your current circumstances. After viewing this DVD you will no longer be stuck in the MATRIX of FEAR. FEAR will be TOO SMALL to attempt to steal your BIG DREAMS!!

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